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Highland Park Memoirs

We are encouraging all current and former residents to produce their memoirs either by writing them or dictating them onto tape and donating them to the Historical Society. Consider donating your own memoirs and urge people you know who may not have web access. The memoirs can be any length.

Sample topics of discussion:

  • What was Highland Park like when you were younger?
  • Describe a typical weekday and weekend day.
  • What were your parents' days like?
  • What was your favorite store and why? Describe going inside the store using all your senses.
  • What did people do for fun?
  • What did you look forward to?
  • Discuss social interactions.
  • Discuss civic organizations.
  • Describe your neighbors.
  • Tell us about events including community celebrations and newsworthy happenings.
  • Discuss changes to the town, both positive and negative.

We hope to receive as many recollections of Highland Park as possible! Please email us your writings to, or mail them to: Jean Kolva, 228 Donaldson St., Highland Park, NJ.


We will take your stuff! The Historical Society is collecting photographs, postcards, scrapbooks, programs, yearbooks, mugs, matchbooks, trophies and other Highland Park ephemera and memorabilia. Please don't throw your items away! Call Jean Kolva at (732) 220-6618 or mail items to her at 228 Donaldson Street, Highland Park, NJ 08904. Thanks to all our previous donors for the mementos!